qmap services

Custom software and APIs for managing places, coordinates, and navigation.


What Is This?

qmap services help you realize value from geographic coordinates, place information, and navigational calculation.

We do this for you by providing API access to geographical databases, location intelligence, and navigation mathematics.

Where you are, where you are going, and the route you take are a significant part of the human experience. All people use position and navigation in some way every time they leave home, whether it be subconciously or overt.

At qmap we are passionate about these details of place, coordinates, and navigation from the smallest scale to the largest. From a walk in the park to crossing an ocean.

The range of applications for coordinate and navigation information is rich. We are constantly surprised how deeply this information and discpline is embedded in our culture and we're delighted to learn about new ways to help people through the use of geographic data and calculation.

If you are similarly enthused by the intersection of human endeavour with position, location, and computation then let's see how we can work together.


Connecting with data and computation

With our http APIs, mobile and web developers can incorporate navigational computations into applications without having to code up the complex math needed. We provide APIs for applications to access Great Circle, Rhumb Line, and Dead Reckoning calculations.

We're also interested in developing custom APIs in support of interesting problems in the realms of position, location and navigation.

With years of experience in building and deploying web APIs we can probably help with those aspects of your application developlment.

qmap is not service business in the typical sense. We don't blindly sell development or offer services. Yes, we expect to be compensated for service delivery and for value that we add though our effort, but our primary reason for existing is to help solve unique and interesting problems for which there are not obvious or readily available solutions.


There no shortage of data, let's use it!

So much interesting and potentially useful data is available in the form of public databases which are also indexed via some type of geopgraphic variable. But getting it into a useful form for a particular application can sometimes be a challenge.

Some interesting datasets include the Geographic Name Information Service (GNIS) and datasets from agencies like the Federal Communications Commision and the National Weather Service.

If data has a geographic element, we love querying, parsing through it and reporting it in useful ways.


Maybe we should talk?

If words like "navigation" and "longitude" excite you, or if you can get thoroughly "lost" in a map, then perhaps we should compare notes.

We're interested in your ideas only to the extent that we think we can help contribute to the solution of a domain specific problem. We treat any information you share with us in confidence.

Please don't contact us with offers or questions unrelated to the subject matter discussed here. I can pretty much guarantee that we are not interested.

You can reach us at info at qmap dot com (I know that's not much of a subtrefuge, a proper contact form will come later).